Porto Seguro is where the History of Brazil started. The first spot of Brazilian mainlaind to be seen by the Portuguese was Santa Cruz de Cabrália, named after Pedro Álvares Cabral, the captain of the fleet which discovered Brazil.

Cabral didn´t set foot on Cabrália, though. He sailed about 30 km southwards, until he found a bay where the waters were particularly tranquil. He called the bay Porto Seguro, which means Safe Haven.
The landscape hasn't changed much since Cabral's fleet saw it and Caminha described it in his letter to the King of Portugal. One hundred beaches are framed by the Atlantic Rainforest and cliffs ranging in color from white to red.

People find Porto Seguro Brazil one of the top destinations for travel and vacations in the Bahia. Porto Seguro Brazil tourism has peaked over the past twenty odd years but in spite of the massive growth of the tourist and residential population, the infrastructure of the town and the region have been well maintained and have coped well.

The environment, cultural heritage and wild life in Porto Seguro Bahia have also been well preserved. There are dunes, clean sandy beaches with clear blue water, colorful coral reefs with a plethora of fishes, turtles and other wildlife, and even remnants of virgin rainforest nearby.

Porto Seguro Bahia Brazil is one of the top beauty spots in the Bahia, and Porto Seguro tourist info shows that Porto Seguro wedding destinations are among the most popular places to go for Brazilians who are tying the knot.

A vacation package Porto Seguro will not disappoint – there is something for everyone - Brazil Porto Seguro da Bahia has beautiful landscapes, mile upon mile of soft, white, sandy beaches with amazing coral reefs just off shore, and a rich cultural heritage.

For the adventure travel fans there is an amazing selection of activities that Brazil guides in Porto Seguro will be happy to introduce you to. You can choose from windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, boat trips, dune buggy trips, horse riding, kayaking and much more.

Porto Seguro Brazil tourist information would not be complete, however, without giving a particularly loud mention to the parties, beach dancing and live music. While there are many great activities to entertain, amuse and educate during the day, Porto Seguro’s night life is in a league of its own.

Porto Seguro city is made up of two parts, the upper, or Historical city where there are many monuments of cultural importance, and the lower, more modern area that is full of bars, restaurants, shops, local crafts for sale, and is alive with music and dancing throughout the night – seven days a week!

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Porto Seguro

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Arrajal d'Ajuda

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Coroa Vermelha

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